Is it true you want girls to “shut up?”
What about ‘Datable girls aren’t Miss Independent?’
Do you think it’s okay for guys to partake in dangerous or violent behavior?
I heard you said girls are awful. Is that true?
Why can you bring your message to public schools?
What makes you qualified to speak in schools?
What kind of name is Lookadoo? Is it an Indian name?
What's your favorite food?
Where can I buy your books?
Do you have any other books coming out?

Is it true you want girls to “shut up?”
Some people have taken offense to the phrase “Dateable girls know how to shut up” shared in my book, ‘Dateable.’ However, there are many misconceptions about the intent behind that statement. First, the phrase “shut up” was used solely to grab the attention of teenagers, but the message doesn’t end there. The purpose of the rule is to caution women against the consequences of over-sharing early on in a relationship. Women need to respect themselves and their personal thoughts enough to keep them private. If a relationship ends, those personal thoughts could be shared or used against her. What I am saying is hold back. I’m not saying young ladies need to be quiet and never say anything. Being mysterious doesn’t mean being a wallflower, it means releasing your inner self slowly.

The statement “dateable girls aren’t Miss Independent” has been misconstrued out of context of the larger issue, which says, “A Dateable girl isn’t Miss Independent. She knows we are made for community. Needing each other is part of faith. She allows him to be needed at times, knowing he was called to serve just as much as she was.” The purpose behind this quote is to show women that, while they can be strong and independent, all human beings are meant for community. Men and women, alike, will have much more fulfilling relationships if they invest in others. Women can play an integral part of helping men invest in the relationship and community by allowing them to help her and others.

Absolutely not! Many young men have the desire to be adventurous – and that’s okay. By stating in my “Dateable rules” that men are dangerous, I am attempting to acknowledge the normal restless desire many men face. Often, men feel ashamed of their adventurous spirit, and I am attempting to tell them it is okay. I encourage men to find appropriate, positive outlets for that energy.

That statement was not referring to women in general. I was referencing the unkind way women treat each other, especially beginning in their early adolescent years. Many of our hit movies and television shows profit off the mean-spirited things girls and women say to one another. I was describing how that behavior feels to the victim, and explaining how unattractive it is to treat anyone poorly. I believe women should be each other’s supporters and encouragers, yet in junior high and high school settings, this is frequently not the case.

Every message I give is altered for its audience. If I’m speaking to younger audiences, I tailor it to them. If I’m speaking to older students, I can go into more depth. In the same way, I adjust my talks for the venue I’m in. The content of “Dateable” is not just faith-based – it’s values-based as well. If I’m in a public school setting, I focus solely on the values-based and character-building aspects.

I spent nearly 6 years as a crime prevention specialist with the Texas Juvenile Justice System. In that time, I created programs that were highly scrutinized and evaluated for effectiveness. At 4 1/2 years a financial analyst audited the data and found that the juvenile referral rate to the department was 61% lower than projections. The programs were developed off of the research I did in college. I received a Biology Degree focusing on natural brain development and learning styles. Once the program development strategy was proven I used it in the creation of all my programs. From The Cool Cat or Terrible Troll for elementary students all the way to Dateable: its a character thing for High School students, they all use the same pattern of audience engagement.

Well, the name isn't Indian, or Native American (US) or First People (CA) but I am registered with the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs as a member of the Choctaw Tribe and am a registered voter of the Choctaw Nation. How do you The Indian part comes from my Grandma's side, but the Lookadoo name is some type of French derivative.

Anything but pizza. Pizza is okay, but anytime you do youth events you know you are going to get pizza. And I do a lot of youth events. So it became more of a health thing. I am on the road about 200-250 days a year. If I eat pizza that much it will destroy me. But that doesn't mean I need special attention or have diet restrictions. That just means I might need to grab a vegetable at some point.

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