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Media coverage has reported several misconceptions about the character and appearances of motivational speaker, Justin Lookadoo.
Many quotes within these media stories are completely unrelated to Justin’s message shared in public high schools, but instead pulled out of context from a marketing website for his book “Datable.”
Justin’s mainstream motivational speaking programs, which he has presented to more than 2 million people in hundreds of public schools over the last 25 years, are designed to reinforce the importance of high moral values and character for teens. These programs address a variety of issues that affect the next generation, including:

     *Encouraging women to be strong and independent and not sell themselves short to get a boyfriend. Justin has worked with young people for more than a quarter century, and has seen an epidemic of women being less than their potential so they don’t intimidate men. Justin wants young girls to regard themselves highly enough to be the best they can be.

     *Encouraging young men and women to treat each other with respect and kindness. Justin explains that bullying is not attractive, and standing up for others is a quality every teen should develop.

     *Encouraging teens to be guarded when it comes to high school relationships. Statistics show that most high school dating relationships will end. With that in mind, teens should think about what they are investing in the relationship. If they give up all their friends, they will feel alone when they break up. If they share all their deepest secrets, their dating partner might share them with others when the relationship ends. Justin wants teens to have the best chance to have healthy, happy relationships and believes being wise in investing in them is important.

Some people have expressed concern over Justin’s presence in public schools, given the religious nature of some of his books. However, every message he gives is by invitation from the local school system or PTA and is appropriately adapted for its audience and venue. While Justin is a person of faith and has written books with religious messages, he respects our nation’s laws and therefore focuses solely on character-building and “values-based rather than faith-based” messaging in a public school setting, which is well within the law.

Justin’s goal is to help teens make wise choices that will set them up for success in life, which is what drives his message.